Environmental Policy

Heartsine Technologies Ltd., a part of Stryker, is a professional and environmentally conscious organisation, which acknowledges the impact that our product design, manufacture and use may potentially have on the environment.  We are committed to the protection of the environment including the prevention of pollution and committed to fulfilling our compliance obligations.

The clear objective of HeartSine Technologies Ltd. is to minimise any impact on the environment by:

  • Taking action to eliminate or reduce, as far as practicable, any potentially adverse environmental impacts;
  • Preventing pollution, reducing waste and ensuring that wherever practical, measures are implemented to protect and preserve natural habitats, flora and fauna during our operations in the factory, and at clients’ premises;
  • Designing our heart defibrillators to consume least amount of energy and reduce emissions, where possible;
  • Raising the awareness of environmental issues with our employees through training and communication of environmental matters;
  • Encouraging our distributors to put in place sound environmental practices;
  • Having in place control measures in relation any significant aspects identified in our operations;
  • Promoting environmental awareness amongst our suppliers, contractors and partners by implementation of operational procedures;
  • Striving to reduce waste by practising the “Hierarchy of Waste” discipline and adhering to all pertaining waste regulations, such as WEEE directive;
  • Ensuring effective and expedient incident control, investigation and reporting;
  • Keeping up to date and complying with all pertaining legislation and other requirements which relates to our environmental aspects and operations;
  • Considering the effects that our operations may have on the local community;
  • Seeking to work in partnership with the community by behaving in a considerate and socially responsible manner.
  • Continually improving our Environmental Management System to enhance our environmental performance by meeting our Environmental Objectives set by the top management team.

Management and supervisory staff have responsibility for the implementation of this policy and must ensure that environmental issues are given adequate consideration in the planning and day-to-day supervision of all work.

This policy has been communicated to all employees, sub-contractors and distributors who are expected to co-operate and assist in the implementation of this policy, while ensuring that their own work, so far as is reasonably practicable, is carried out without risk to themselves, others or the environment. This includes co-operating with management on any environmental related matter.

HeartSine Technologies Limited takes all practical steps to ensure that potential hazards and risks to the environment are identified and that suitable and effective prevention and control measures are implemented.  All employees are provided with the necessary resources, equipment, information, instruction and training to fulfill the requirements of this policy.

The top management team has overall responsibility for all environmental matters.  The operation of this policy and the associated procedures are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they remain current and applicable to company’s activities.  This policy which provides the framework for setting our environmental objectives is made available to all interested parties and the general public, by displaying on our premises and on the company’s website.