Forward Hearts

Forward Hearts lets survivors of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) event, in which a HeartSine Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been used, to pay it forward and potentially save another life by donating an AED to the organization of the survivor’s choice.

Stryker is committed to saving lives and making public access AEDs more readily available in the workplace and community. The donation of a defibrillator through the Forward Hearts program extends this lifesaving technology to even more people, offering many a better chance of survival in the case of sudden cardiac arrest.

How the program works

When a HeartSine AED is used to save a life in a qualifying rescue, the sudden cardiac arrest survivor chooses an organization to receive a donated AED provided by Stryker on behalf of the survivor. The survivor can choose to make their donation to the organization anonymously or be part of a public announcement.

If you have a Forward Hearts story, or know of someone who survived a sudden cardiac arrest due to a HeartSine AED, please share your story with us by completing a Forward Hearts form.

Tell us your sudden cardiac arrest story

To have an AED donated to the organization of your choice, tell us your own SCA story. Complete our Forward Hearts form, and a Stryker representative will be in touch with you to get the details for donating the AED to the organization of your choice.

Does my event qualify for Forward Hearts?

  • Event must be a sudden cardiac arrest to qualify
    (Event is reviewed by HeartSine Clinical team, whose decision is final)
  • Stryker must receive the original .evo event file (pdf file will not be accepted) and Customer Event Report form
  • Patient must have survived until hospital admission
  • AED must be used in a non-professional rescue
    (Out of hospital, in a workplace or community setting by a layperson rescuer)
  • Events in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, law enforcement and fire departments are excluded from the program (but you are welcome to submit the data to us)
  • Survivor must approve the donation (That is, the survivor must participate)
  • Survivor must submit a signed Donation Details form

Where can I donate the AED?

  • Any organization (non-profit or for profit) that is not a Stryker customer or a healthcare or medical company
  • You may not choose to donate the AED to yourself, another individual, or any healthcare provider or medical professional

Reporting events

If you have used a HeartSine samaritan PAD during a sudden cardiac arrest event, to qualify for the Free Pad-Pak and/or Forward Hearts programs, you must provide Stryker with the Saver EVO file, which contains comprehensive event data about the SCA event. If you wish to participate in the Forward Hearts program, you must also submit a completed Customer Event Report form, plus a Donation Details form.

The event information is used by Stryker to measure the success of our AEDs and to continually improve our products to ensure the most optimum results.

Three simple steps

  1. Immediately after a HeartSine AED is used during an SCA, download the event data file (.evo) from your AED. To obtain this event data, you must download and install on your PC the Saver EVO data management software which enables you to download, review and print ECG waveforms and event history data recorded and stored in HeartSine samaritan PAD devices. Next, you must submit the Saver EVO file (.evo) and Customer Event Report form to Stryker.
  2. Complete a Customer Event Report Form (with no identifying patient information) and submit it along with the Saver EVO (.evo) file you downloaded from the AED. You can submit the Customer Event Report form online, or download and submit a pdf form.

Complete online form and upload Saver EVO file

Email Customer Event Report form and Saver EVO file

NOTE: The original Saver EVO file must be submitted (.evo). A pdf of the Saver EVO file will not be accepted. The form and file will be reviewed by the HeartSine Clinical team, after which you will be informed of the approval status.

  1. If you wish to participate in the Forward Hearts program, after the event is approved (met qualifications and submitted with complete information), complete, sign and submit Forward Hearts Donation Details form.
  • Indicate if you would like publicize donation, with or without your name, or not publicize the donation (not promoted by Stryker or the distributor)
  • Indicate AED preference for donation: semi-auto HeartSine samaritan PAD 350P or fully auto HeartSine samaritan PAD 360P

(Note: If the survivor provides an interview to media about the donation, the donation will no longer be considered anonymous or confidential)