Lilly-May Page Trust Fundraiser Tees Off With HeartSine Sponsorship

On Friday 17th October, the Lilly-May Page Trust held a fundraising Golf Day, sponsored by HeartSine® Technologies, with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance of defibrillators and raising money to place the lifesaving devices within schools in the area.

The Trust was founded when five-year old Lilly-May Page collapsed and tragically died when being picked up at school by her mother and grandmother earlier this year.

Through their sponsorship of the event held at Sonning Golf Club in Berkshire, which was supported by more than 45 participants, HeartSine donated a samaritan® PAD 500P Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Golfers at Lilly-May Page Trust Golf Day

Golfers at Lilly-May Page Trust Golf Day

Daniel Fuller, who organised the event, said:

“My daughter Darcy was in Lilly-May’s class at school and they were great friends so as a parent it was only natural for me to want to do all I can to reduce the chances of tragic circumstances like these reoccurring.

“Since the Trust was developed we have received huge support from the local community through various fundraising activity such as football tournaments, summer fetes, auctions and most recently the Golf Day. This support is crucial for us to raise awareness of the importance of having defibrillators in public places and for parents, in particular, to do what they can to make sure their child’s school is prepared for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

“There is perhaps a misconception that defibrillators are complicated pieces of equipment and difficult to use but that actually couldn’t be further from the truth. Automated defibrillators can be used by absolutely anyone, even children and those with no prior first aid training. The feedback we have received so far about the HeartSine defibrillators has been extremely positive and those involved have been pleasantly surprised at how easy they are for a responder to activate.

“I would like to thank all those who have supported the Trust so far, and to HeartSine for sponsoring our Golf Day and providing us with a defibrillator that will be placed at a local school in Woodley.

Claire Page, Lilly-May’s mum and founder of the Lilly-May Page Trust, said:

“I am absolutely overwhelmed with the interest that Dan raised for the golf tournament and I thank him so much for all the hard work he put into making it such a wonderful day for all those who played and helped to raise awareness.

“The fun day that we held was also such a success. We had a bouncy castle throughout the day and even had a surprise visit from Tinkerbell (Lilly-May’s favourite) at 4pm for when all the older children finished school.

“I would like to say personally and on behalf of the trust, a massive thank you to Daniel for organising the golf tournament and Hugh Hennessy of HeartSine for playing along with the other players. I would also like to say thank you to Lorraine Wicks and The Chequers and everyone who supported Lilly-May Page Trust that day and every day afterwards”

HeartSine defibrillators are manufactured in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and available in over 30 languages.

The easy to use automated device talks the responder through the ‘save’ process which can help keep the victim alive until professional medical assistance arrives at the scene.

Commercial Director of HeartSine Technologies, Hugh Hennessy, who participated in the golf tournament, said:

“Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death across the world in people of all ages, genders and race, even people who appear to be in good health.

“In the majority of cases it will strike without prior warning or symptoms, as in Lilly-May’s case. It deeply saddens me to hear of any SCA fatality, but particularly when a young, seemingly healthy child is concerned such as Lilly-May.

“Most cases of SCA will take place outside of a medical setting, such as in a school, or an office or even on the street. With bystander CPR alone, these people have a survival rate of less than 10%. CPR can be enough to keep a patient alive until professional medical help is available but only a shock from a defibrillator can restart the heart. CPR combined with the use of a defibrillator can increase the chance of survival to over 70%.

“We at HeartSine fully support the Trust’s mission to fit every school in Woodley with an AED and look forward to partnering with them again in the future.”

Since its inception, The Lilly-May Page Trust has raised unprecedented support from the local community. To learn out more about the Trust and how you can help, please visit: