Plans for schools in England to purchase defibrillators at a reduced price

defib-schoolsThe Department for Education (DfE) in the United Kingdom has announced plans that would allow schools to purchase lifesaving defibrillators at a lower cost; a deal which will hopefully be in place for the beginning of the Autumn term.

The plans were welcomed by HeartSine Chief Executive, Declan O’Mahoney, who said:

“There is a misconception that Sudden Cardiac Arrest will only affect older people, smokers or those who have an unhealthy lifestyle. In actual fact SCA can affect absolutely anyone, even children.

“I am delighted this has been recognised by the DfE and with their commitment to making defibrillators more accessible in our schools which welcome hundreds of pupils, staff and parents onto their premises each day.

“On a recent visit to Northern Ireland, the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, acknowledged Belfast as the home of mobile defibrillation and HeartSine, which has headquarters in Belfast, as a global provider of the lifesaving equipment. These proactive steps taken by the government, specifically DfE, could potentially save a number of lives and we, at HeartSine, are in full support of this fantastic initiative.

For more information about defibrillators, please contact your local distributor.