Another life saved thanks to HeartSine defibrillator in dentist office

We were delighted to receive news that another life has been saved thanks to a HeartSine defibrillator and a quick thinking receptionist!dentist-save

Simon Walker, aged 53, suddenly collapsed in a dentist waiting room in Mossley, Manchester, England.

Following several failed attempts at resuscitation, receptionist Charlotte Anderson-Hughes, suspected cardiac arrest and, using her initiative, deployed the HeartSine samaritan PAD defibrillator stored in the surgery.

Two ‘shocks’ delivered by the defibrillator to Mr. Walker were enough to restore a heartbeat.

HeartSine Technologies CEO, Declan O’Mahoney, said, “I am relieved that a defibrillator was close by to save Mr. Walker’s life. Had the surgery not been equipped with the device, this could so easily have been a different story, and a much sadder one at that.

“This is another example of how fundamentally important it is for both private and public institutions to consider installing this lifesaving equipment to help protect members of the public and prevent further fatalities.

“I commend Ms. Anderson-Hughes for her quick thinking and efforts which have saved a life!”

Mr. Walker, who is now on his way to recovery, has said he will be ‘eternally grateful’ to Ms. Anderson-Hughes and Dentist Chandra Metha.

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